Purchase Options for Automilkers


For pricing, go to Our Dealers and your preferred Dealer.
For Automilkers and installation, the dealer or Double K can give you an installed, ready to go price.
The dealer could also charge more if a lot of travel time is involved and he can only work in between milkings
The guideline price includes 2hrs/bail "on farm time" for installation.

In rotaries, the installation of swinging arms in back off dairies, varies and needs to be quoted separately.

In some loline rotaries, the pulsation has to be changed or modified before Automilker installation can proceed. Automating 2 x 2 loline can be done but the purchaser would have to indemnify Double K and the dealer from any responsibility relating to mastitis, teat end condition or slow milking that can occur with or without Automilkers.

Midline milklines in older rotaries are suitable with 2 x 2 pulsation because the cyclic vacuum fluctuation is similar to a highline milkline .

As a guideline, the installed price NZ$ (exclusive of GST) is as follows:
(Due to the increase of materials and labour , we have had to increase our prices).

Herringbone up to 16 bails $1700 to $1680 /bail
Herringbone 17 - 40 bails $1602 to $1460/bail

Rotary with H/B model $1480 /bail
Rotary with remote display model $1535 /bail
Swing Arms for Back off Rotaries $150/bail installed (estimate)

(Rubber ware, Mounting rails and Vacuum lines are not included in guide line prices)

The price for 50 - 80 rotaries can be reduced when the milk delivery line compressor is used to supply compressed air for the Automilkers.
The price can also be reduced on large rotaries if the platform and plant are designed in advance for the installation of Automilkers. The savings can be in the order of $12,000 - $16,000
e.g. cylinder tubes are welded on by the platform manufactures before hot galvanizing.

Clear Title & Ownership

Normal Terms and Conditions require that the purchaser agrees to comply with the requirements of the "Personal Property Securities Act 1999":

25% deposit before an order is accepted.
50% on the day or prior to installation starting or otherwise agreed
in the contract.
25% on the 20th of the following month.

Other Options

Other options to purchase include Finance Companies.

Automilkers have been sold to Sharemilkers and farm owners via Rabobank Equipment Finance.
Generally speaking, a labour costs about 2.4 times salary. The pay back can be less than a year.
The yearly lease payment can be 20 - 25% of a labour unit.
e.g. $50,000 of Automation can be leased for something like $10,000/year
Share milkers in the past have purchased up to 56 Automilkers.
Double K has buy back options for when they change farms or give up dairying.

With Finance Company Purchase, prior homework is required about title, ownership and access that separates the title of financed equipment from the farm land, buildings and other equipment.
The share milker will require written approval from the farm owner to obtain free access to install and remove the Automilkers including access outside the period of the sharemilkers contract (e.g. repossession).

With finance deals there are at least 6 parties involved. (the Purchaser) (Owner of land & milking plant) (Finance Company) (Other banks & lenders) (Double K Electronics) and (Automilker dealer, installer).