The Automilker System
Knows how to milk cows.


Double K Electronics main product is the Automilker, generally known by farmers as the electronic cup remover, cluster remover or detacher. However the Automilker system is truly different to all the other brands. It senses the milk flow from each cow using different and better technology.

The Automilker System is truly different to other brands. - The reasons..

Minimal electrical wiring
Compressed air switching and circuit board moisture protection
Easy to see lights that show milk flow from each cow and other information
Air pressure start bulbs that don't clutter the pit
Easy hand held programmer, so you can set the milking parameters without the cost of a serviceman.
Suitable to any size of herringbone (12 to 61 - Double Pit 40x40)
Can be fitted to any brand of milking plant. The normal operation of any brand of plant can be reverted to if the Automilker system is not turned on (failsafe mode)
MAF approved for cleanability, jetter CIP compatibility
Very reliable vacuum cylinders
Proudly manufactured here in Palmerston North. Supplied and supported via local dealers and Double K Electronics Ltd.

The Automilker system is New Zealand designed and made for New Zealand pasture feed cows. Automilkers are effective, reliable and last a long time because they use compressed air. Farm dairies are like factories and the Automilker uses factory technology and process control for low maintenance and long life. The idea is to automate the most time consuming repetitive aspects of herd management with equipment that pays for itself with more milk or lower costs of production.




The Automilker System - 60 bail rotary, 1x milker, 60 Automilker units plus fixed point take off, (or "RTO" - Remote Take Off). No cow restrainers or second rotation (Unless this is what the milker wants whent he cups are put on), Cluster swing arms and Knee Bulb start enable the application of a cluster every 6 seconds. The Automilker system enables one operator to keep up with 60 bails.

RTO (Remote Take Off)

With Automilker installation, the RTO knows if the cow is still milking at a point close to the exit and shuts the Automilker off which in turns takes the cups off even if the cow has not finished milking. If this happens regularly, then the platform may be moving too fast. The remove display will flash showing the number of lights that were on at take off time.




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