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A friend of a friend who is a dairy farmer is someone we would like to know. We can help them do things differently to survive the dairy down turn. One obvious benefit we can deliver is owners milking their own cows without staff. We are giving you the opportunity to help us by offering a $200 RD1 voucher for a referral that leads to an Automilker installation.

Included is a pamphlet on how we helped a family in Southland where Keith Fisher now runs our Invercargill branch. We also have available an informative DVD on what the Automilker is and how it works. Please let us know if you would like a copy.


Automilker units installed in a 60 bail rotary dairy installation

The Automilker System has been used by many for years, including Jeff Williams who has been benefiting from his Automilker install for 19 years. His father installed our first prototypes and now his grandson still uses them. The same units have been used 365 days per year for 19 years. The steel in the rotary platform is fatigued and rusting away but the Automilkers are still doing the job. We have updated the software and added many improvements over that period. 

The new software and programming features are available at a very reasonable cost for those who feel they would like to try the new 620 model.Other products we have developed over the years that you may not be aware of are:

The new improved 620 model Automilker for rotaries uses an exit point take off which can save $600-$700 per bail by not needing cow restrainers to force the cow around the rotary platform twice.

Automatic teat spraying for herringbones – with spray jets installed under the guillotine gates. For rotaries we have developed a system that sprays with precision and senses when the platform stops and reverses and can talk to the Automikers hugely increases efficency and increasing the health of your herd.

For some time now, we have had an air injected canister that can be attached to the end of the milk line to clean big 100mm lines and receiver cans – they work really well, something you can tell your friends.

A purge valve you can put on the bottom of any compressor to automaticly drain the water from the tank and prevent it rusting. Most people never drain the water from the tank often enough on their farm compressor which leads to failures and downtime.

New patented products we have been working on will be available soon. The first one is a new milking claw that is compatible with the Automilker. It is designed to reduce the transfer of mastitis pathogens between cow, has no shut off valve and is unbreakable – all money saving features.

We will also have a pulsation modification product that can change the way the liner moves and have reduce new infection rates. This will initialy be available to farmers with Read pulsation systems with other systems to follow.

Also to be released are the “AMRead” leg spreaders for Rotaries made out of aluminium that can be bolted down on a rotary platform. Heavy weight 400 grams teat cups or shells are also made by Double K Electronic if you want to increase cluster weight to somewhere near 2.7kg with light weight claws.

Chloride-Alkaline Bomb...
We recently found that the Chloride-Alkali products used within the Ecolabs wash down "Bomb" can disolve the syntheticelastimor plastic that the diaphram is made of. A common problem is that share-milkers overdo the concentrations needed for an effective clean.
It is strongly recommended that the Automilker unit is bypassed by connecting the long milk tube straight onto the milkline. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us or your local dealer for help with this.

Welcome Back...
It is with great delight that we welcome back our much missed guru in the manufacturing department Graeme Alltree. Graeme has been in hospital having a fancy new bionic knee inserted. What was predicted to be a reasonably straight forward operation turned out to be quite a lengthy and complicated process. After the operation the joint became infected with the hospital bug Stapharius meaning it had to be re-operated on and Graeme was “Nuked” with the last known antibiotic in NZ to kill Stapharius.

To really top things off and give Graeme a good challenge, he was struck with a dose of the Norovirus whilst in hospital as well making the situation even more complicated. However in Graeme's typical positive "grin and get on with things" manner, he has bounced back to good health and is certainly back and cheering up the staff here at Double K. Graeme, It's great to have you back mate!

If you are referring us or our money saving solutions to someone please be sure to let us know. If you would like us to contact your friends directly we would be more than happy to do so. 

Further details of our Automilker solutions can be found at Further pamphlets can be downloaded at or if preferred contact us directly as we also have a promotional DVD available.


We appreciate your business and look forward to being of continued service.

The Double K Team.



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